Data visualization for English - Fall Semester

Accompanying description:

The money I see on the street

I documented the use of money through the shopping bags that I saw people carrying on the street.  I walked along 5th Avenue from 13th Street to 23rd Street twice, and recorded each of the bags that I saw.  In total, I recorded 80 bags, which represented 39 stores.  

I created the design above to visually depict the study.  The prevalence of each shopping bag is represented by the size of the text.  The bags that were seen only once are the smallest, while the bags that appeared most frequently (including Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Barnes, & Noble, Banana Republic, Barney’s, Gap, Home Depot, Macy’s, Paragon Sports, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma, and the most prevalent, H & M) are shown in a larger text size.